We got Nasal Polyps


As you have undoubtedly experienced yourself, our problems begin well before any physician even talk about nasal polyps. During the few first months or even the first few years, we may only suffer from a few episodes of sinuses inflammation and occasional allergies. We are sick once in a while and quickly treated by our physicians. Aside from these sad moments, we continue to live normally.

After a while, these problems crop up more and more frequently, especially in winter and spring. One day, the episodes of inflamed sinuses and allergic rhinitis are so severe and so frequent that our physicians begin to talk about the possibility of nasal polyps.

Our ENT usually does not come clear about the fact that they do not know why we have nasal polyps. In another word, our nasal mucosa inflammation and our polyps are only the consequences of something else that science does not understand yet. Physicians do not cure the cause of nasal polyps and can just ease the symptoms and their consequences. There are probably multiple and complex causes that make the physicians’ work very hard, but the lack the time and sometimes humility to explain that they are not all powerful and cannot cure our nasal polyps is also at play.

Steroids and Antibiotics


And Surgery


Inevitably, the day comes, the one where our ENT physician explains that drugs are no longer effective enough and we should now consider surgery.

ENT physicians will propose surgery for quantitative reasons when we have too many outbreaks that require steroids because of the high risk of severe side effects of those steroids. They will also propose surgery for subjective reasons when we complain too much about difficulties breathing and general fatigue.

I got surgery after a year of antihistamine treatments during which my nasal polyps grew to stages 3 to 4. The operation was done in a renowned clinic by a leading ENT physician in Europe. I knew so little about nasal polyps and surgery procedures at that time. If I did extensive research and picked up the very best surgeon I could find, and he was great, I would do it very differently today.

"Well written. I've suffered from this condition for years and like the author had polyps removed and really don't want to repeat the process. What he says makes a lot of sense. I'm encouraged ordering a few of the things that the author recommends (cheaper than surgery) since trying just 2 of the simple things he suggested helped."

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Part 1: Asses your Current Situation

Whether we are new to nasal polyps or have them for many years, it is unlikely that we know everything there is to know. In the few minutes we spend at their offices, physicians do not teach us very much. As we want to take charge of our recovery in a compelling way, we need to understand what nasal polyps are all about and what exactly is our current situation.

Part 3: Consolidate Your Good Results

We are feeling a lot better, but our nasal mucosa is still sensitive to all the aggressions and viruses. We are still at risk of getting a cold that might transform into a sinus infection. We will now discuss what we can do to minimize our risk and protect our nasal mucosa.

Part 2: Get Relief Quickly

We are now a lot more knowledgeable about the ins and outs of nasal polyps. We see the bigger picture, and we understand that there is no quick and magic fix. That said, there are many solutions to alleviate and even resolve many of our symptoms, and get a lot better. We will get started with the solutions we can implement very quickly and that will help us get a lot better in just a few days or weeks.

Part 4: Identify and Address Inflammation

Now is the time to go for the big win. We will see how we can identify and address the potential cause of our inflammation. We will now discuss Food, with a capital F.

Outstanding book. I have put off surgery and have been cleaning my nasal passages every day, waiting 30+ minutes and then using Nasonex or Flonase twice a day and the nasal polyps have been shrinking slowly but surely. I ran the idea by my GP and he thought that it was a good idea so I am continuing with that routine for another 6 months and postponing surgery until then or if it continues improving, not have surgery at all.
Amazon Client
I'm one of those people who has suffered from nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis for 10 years, and who has tried every medical and natural remedy as well as dietary changes in all kinds of combinations. It's a great set of information written with a great attitude and provides some of the strongest set of steps needed for a foundation for supporting the delicate sinus health of nasal polyps sufferers. I'm really glad to have downloaded it.
Laure Leaves
If you often have sinus infections or a sinus headache, chances you have nasal polyps and this is not an easy thing to deal with. This book not only explains the problem and the underlying challenges but also gives real keys to enhance your life despite this chronic disease. I myself have been struggling for the last 6 years and I have seen significant improvements as a result of following the advice set forth by the author.

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After years of research and experiments, I have written this book about everything I’ve discovered and I’ve done. I have been feeling great for more than ten years. It’s now your turn to read a comprehensive and step by step guide to:
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– Reclaim your breath and your sleep.
– Say goodbye to sinusitis and headaches.
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The Author

At 37, I had a wake-up call – I relapsed heavily. I was exhausted, suffering from nasal polyps that had reached stage four out of four. I lost sleep for six months, as well as 22 pounds.

However, I found the strength to decline a second surgery and dove into in-depth, personal research. I waited five years before writing this book to have the necessary perspective. I hope that it will help you to better care for yourself, and to see your way clear, too.


12 keys for SHRINKING nasal polyps

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